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Food & Drink Festival Competions

Food & Drink Festival Competitions



Upcoming Events 2019!


Vote for your favorite food or drink in your City & enter to win free food related gift cards from your favorite places to eat & drink in your City! Cheers! Thank you for voting!


Food Festivals

VOTEFOODIEFEST.COM Food Festival Competitions


Drink Festivals

VOTEFOODIEFEST.COM Drink Festival Competitions



VOTEFOODIEFEST.COM (A division of the Best of Your City) is a marketing website that conducts voting competitions for multiple different foodie fest. VFF provides a landscape of fun competition between the attending vendors at the foodie fest , while also getting the pulse of the attending consumers and what they think of each different vendor. We collect information and feedback from consumers that allow us to provide the event promotion with ideal information to constantly improve their event. We also provide feedback to some of the vendors as well. We hold our award in high regard and provide true statistics of the outcome without bias.

VFF handles all of the promotion and marketing of where consumers need to go and vote. We also handle all information intake that comes thru our platform. This keeps the voting in one consistent area and ensures all vendors are properly exposed with an opportunity to be recognized and possible win the event.

When working with the promoters of the event we only require full access of the event and ability to post marketing material to drive consumers to our voting platform and a booth area for questions and promotions of our sponsors. We are able to have sponsors that represent the competition and do not conflict with the promoter’s needs or commitments to their clients.